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Outoo is a platform that connects out-of-office professionals with the best remote work spaces to meet your needs at any time.
That's why we offer a specific and customizable search, and for your profile to appear as much as possible in searches and users identify you as the best option, it's important that your profile is complete and attractive.

Here are some tips:

1. Good photos
Images are the first to be seen in a search, take the best angles and lighting, if you need to adjust something, even on mobile phones there are several easy-to-use filters and apps. If you do not know how to do it, or want a professional, we can help you!

2. Location and General Data
Your location is super important, after all our platform has a geolocation search, so make sure all the data are correct. As well as the opening hours, your website, email and social media links.

3. Description and Filters
Description is your chance to present yourself with the best about you! Filling in with your advantages, culture and values can attract the kind of user that matches with your business! It is also worth mentioning what your region have to offer, nearby public transportation and other points of interest.In addition, filling in the Features and Space Characteristics is essential to stand out in our filtered searches.

4. Messages and Ratings
Stay tuned to your email box, Reservation Requests and User Messages will get through your registered email! And remember to mark “” as safe to make sure our emails don't go to spam box.And encourage your users to post reviews of your space, it helps a lot potential new visitors to choose you.

If you still have questions about the registration and its possibilities, send us a message!

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